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Craft and Antler Co. presents handcrafted leather goods comprising exceptional craftsmanship and classy designs. Located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, our workshop manually creates various top-tier leather products, including valet trays, billfold wallets, card holders, and many others, guaranteeing quality excellence in each offering. Our collection features premium designs crafted from premium sought-after materials like Italian Pueblo vegetable-tanned Leather, durable Crazy Horse Leather, and unique Shell Cordovan.

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From our studio into your hands

At Craft and Antler, we meticulously handcraft each product on demand, guaranteeing that our leather goods meet the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship.

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Tools of the trade

We harness the potential of the traditional handmade approach, ensuring an incomparable outcome in every leather product we create. In the world of handcrafted leather goods, our dedication to exceptional quality is reflected in our material and thread choices. Each stitch and crease demonstrates the precision and depth of our artistry, carrying a rich history of timeless traditions.

Premium Leather

At Craft and Antler, we exclusively source the finest quality leather available, sparing no expense. Our selection not only encompasses premium designer hides but also includes the coveted and distinctive crazy horse leather, the luxurious and durable shell cordovan, as well as the richly textured Italian Pueblo leather, each known for their unique qualities and esteemed by connoisseurs.

Canadian Craftsmanship

Our goods are handmade in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. Engage yourself in the legacy of Canadian craftsmanship as we curate leather into timeless creations. Explore our meticulously handmade leather goods collections and embrace the artistry that defines our leather goods.

Premium Quality

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of our leather products, which are precisely produced using only the finest materials. Each piece is attentively designed and created to order for a completely distinctive touch.

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Handmade is better. Immerse yourself in the world of genuine artistry with our handcrafted leather products. Each piece tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship, where skillful hands shape premium leather into timeless treasures.

Handmaking process

Long Wallet Plus+

Check out how the long wallet is made at our YouTube Channel.

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