About Monogramming

Our monogramming services includes standard, silver foiling and gold foiling. See below for examples of each.

Available text includes: A-Z, a-z, 0-9. Special characters include ( , . : ; _ " ! @ # $ % & + - / * ? )

Monogramming Standard

The "Monogramming Standard" offers a personalized embossing or stitching service on leather goods, crafted by skilled artisans. This premium service combines hand-done accuracy with quality leather to create elegant, custom monograms that embody luxury and individual style. Perfect for a range of leather items, it's a mark of sophistication and personal expression.

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Monogramming Copper Foling

"Copper foiling" is a decorative technique that infuses products with the warm, inviting glow of copper. This artisanal process involves meticulously applying a thin layer of copper foil to a surface, instantly enhancing it with a rich and lustrous finish. The copper's natural hue brings a cozy yet sophisticated touch, making it ideal for adding a dash of rustic elegance to paper goods, interior accents, and premium packaging. The result is a captivating sheen that catches the light and draws the eye, imbuing any item with a sense of artisanal charm and quality.

Monogramming Silver Foiling

"Silver Foiling" is a distinguished embellishment service that adds a touch of radiance and refinement to various products. Utilizing a delicate layer of silver leaf or foil, this technique imparts a lustrous sheen that captures the essence of sophistication. Each application is executed with precision, ensuring a flawless, mirror-like finish that enhances the product's aesthetic appeal. Ideal for stationery, book covers, packaging, and decorative accents, silver foiling is the epitome of elegance, offering an exquisite, metallic detail that elevates the ordinary to extraordinary.

Monogramming Gold Foiling

"Gold Foiling" is an exquisite service that elevates the visual appeal of products with a luxurious gold sheen. This premium technique involves applying a thin layer of gold leaf or foil to a surface, resulting in a rich, opulent finish. Meticulously hand-applied by skilled craftsmen, gold foiling transforms ordinary items into regal masterpieces, perfect for high-end stationery, elegant packaging, or ornamental design elements. The shimmering gold detail signifies prestige and adds a timeless charm, making any product a coveted piece of art.

Monogramming Matte Gold Foiling

"Matte gold foiling" is a sophisticated technique that adds a luxurious, yet subdued, finish to products. Applied by artisans, this matte gold leaf or foil provides a contemporary look, perfect for high-end stationery and packaging. It combines elegance with modernity, offering a hint of lavishness in a chic and refined style.